Enlow and Associates

About me

Enlow and Associates, big believers in the power of people, understand that the most successful firms are founded on the executives they hire. Our extensive knowledge of the sector, gathered over more than three decades, means that Enlow & Associates is well-positioned to advise clients on recruiting strategy, source the best executives, and provide experience in both the recruitment and retention of top personnel.

A leading executive search agency, Enlow and Associates is dedicated to our business and takes a tailored approach to our work, developing successful solutions to each particular client. There is more to it than just recruiting here. We become partners, working together to develop long-term solutions by carefully assembling high-performance teams comprised of superbly skilled top performers. That is how Enlow and Associates has grown to become one of the most respected executive search organizations in the industry.

Working in Silicon Valley, across California, and beyond, we understand that our services are critical to the success of any organization. As a result, we keep a laser-like concentration on the task at hand, working to guarantee that we supply the greatest people from around the globe.

By working with Mark Enlow and his team, you can be certain that your company is sourcing the best leaders from across the globe to help it succeed.